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Market Intelligence & Strategy

​We help with;

  • Competitor Research

  • Strategy planning (Market penetration, Aquisition, Retention and Expansion)

  • Team development (Marketing & Sales).


Company Registration

​We help with;

  • Overseeing your Company Registration in Uganda.

  • Overseeing your company registration in USA & Bank account setup.

(All can be done remotely no matter your country of residence)​


Media & Concepts

​We help with;

  • Advert concept planning

  • Media booking (TV, print, Radio, Billboards & more)

My mockup 17 from Window Signage Mockup Set.jpg

Strategic Lobbying

​We help with;

  • Overseeing bid processes

  • Advocating for government waivers & by-law negotiations

  • Contract acquisitions and renewals (Public & Private)


Corporate services

​We help with;

  • Company profile designing

  • Business proposal writing

  • Employee profiling

  • Job interview assessments

3 (2).jpg

Graphics & Design

​We help with;

  • Making Video explainers

  • Logo development

  • Logo animations (intros and outros)

  • 2D and 3D animations and motion graphics.

  • And more customised graphics and design solutions.


Research & Analysis

​We help with;

  • Complex Event Processing

  • Data collection

  • Ideation

  • Mind Mapping

  • Feasibility studies


Technology services

​We help with;

  • Website development

  • Social Media setup

  • SEO & Digital Marketing

  • Google Maps business setup

  • Software development

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